Psychologically Random
I am Ann Farryal, 16. I write things, take and edit pictures, read, create, paint, sing, blog, cook, bake, and of course, eat. Yes, I am that random.
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so my mum told me that as a kid she would peel an apple and throw the peel over her shoulder, and the peel would take the shape of the first letter of her future spouse. naturally, i decided to do it and


i’m fucking crying 

it says ‘no.’

it literally says NO.

oh my god

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8 facts about the Harry Potter Movies.

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watching two really opinionated people have an argument


when they’re both wrong


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Rakishi, “So goes the smoke” cir. 1966 (via 1924us)

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i once bookmarked the second to last page of a borrowed book, when i returned it to the library i remember the hushed tones of gasps and curiosity. Why is the world so worried if we don’t finish? If we don’t get answers? It is okay to push away the plate you are given, if you decide not to eat.
Billie Piper and David Tennant in Behind the Lens - The Day of the Doctor  x

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